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Product Features

  • Organic

    Everything about Juicy Olive Squeezed is organic; from farms to our bottling

  • Early Harvest

    Handpicked from beginning of August until mid September

  • Low Acidity

    Rare to low acidity due to attentive nourishing and gentle extraction

  • Unfiltered

    To preserve nutritional values

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For nearly 30 years, ECOCERT is committed to organic farming and strived to make the production process more eco-friendly, energy-saving, and nature conscious.


The National Organic Program (NOP) oversees and enforces the USDA organic standards and the accreditation of organic certifiers. Any product labeled as organic must be USDA-certified.


EU organic certification guarantees that products meet the requirements for organic production, processing, transport, and storage.

Let Our Customers Speak For Us

Key Inquiries

Where Does Our Olive Oil Come From?

Juicy Olive Squeezed groves are located in different altituted from north west of Troy region to south coastlines

Such diverse terrier rich in a variety of minerals, divergent moisture in air, and sunshine, creates the ultimate environment for a very sophisticated and nutritious product.

What Sets Us Apart?

Everything about Juicy Olive Squeezed; from our farms to the fruit; from our milling to our packaging facility; from our equipment to even the paint on our bottles is organic.

Our delicate organic products are developed to perfection using early harvest, hand-picked fruits that are shortly cold-pressed and unfiltered. We exercise a unique process for extraction of low acidity olive oil with a superb aromatic profile and nutrient-rich properties.

How is it Made?

Every year, at the start of the season, we select the Juicy Green Olives rich in nutrients and blessed with heavenly flavors for harvesting. Our olives are handpicked, carefully selected in order to remove defected olives and delivered to the pressing facility within the farm.

In order to extract oil from our Organic Olives, we use a combined method of traditional mechanical press and the modern cold press technology. This pressing technique will ensure the quality of product by preserving the fresh taste, aroma and flavor of the olives, while delivering the vigorous nourishments vital for a healthy body and soul.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will typically be processed within 1 day after confirmation.

Shipping times vary based on your location, but you can expect to receive your order within 6 days. Rest assured, we're working diligently to get your premium products to you as soon as possible! please take a look at our shipping policy.

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