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Fruity & Full bodied | Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 1 L Tin | Acidity ≤0.2%

Fruity & Full bodied | Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 1 L Tin | Acidity ≤0.2%

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Fit for gourmets who want to perfect their food with charming and premium Juicy Olive Squeezed.

Due to the premier harvest (1st week of August), it has an intriguingly piquant and elegant flavor with a full-bodied and dense texture. It leaves a pungent and sharp mouthfeel with intense robust aroma notes.

Thanks to being rich in phenolic compounds and rare in acidity (0.1% - 0.2%), it reveals precision, freshness, and healthiness on every plate. .

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Product Features

  • Organic

    Everything about Juicy Olive Squeezed is organic; from farms to our bottling

  • Early Harvest

    Handpicked from beginning of August until mid September

  • Low Acidity

    Rare to low acidity due to attentive nourishing and gentle extraction

  • Unfiltered

    To preserve nutritional values

  • Coldpress

    Pure olive juice extracted without any alterations

  • High Phenolic Compounds

    Full of health benefits with high percentage of polyphenols

  • Single Press

    Pressed once to make delicious high-purity early harvest extra virgin olive oil

  • Family Owned

    Generations of Troy region expertise reflected on boutique farming

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I can’t dream of my salad without Juicy Olive in it.

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